My creative tribes, I feel welcomed!

Tribes, communities, gangs or birds of a feather?

Why do I have this blog? Who might be reading it? 

… Or belong to an Urban Sketchers Group?

Where I many times sit on a tiny stool in all kinds of weather. 

Pourquoi ai-je ce blog? Qui pourrait le lire?

… ou appartenez-vous à un groupe de dessinateurs urbains?

Où je suis souvent assis sur un petit tabouret par tous les temps.



Urban Sketches
Urban sketches

… sign up for online sketchbook klasses? (The k is intentional 😉

Absorbing hours of video and pdf content. 

… vous inscrire aux carnets de croquis en ligne? (Le k est intentionnel;)

Absorber des heures de contenu vidéo et pdf.

Sketchbook Skool assignments
Sketchbook Skool assignments
Sketchbook Skool assignments
Sketchbook Skool assignments

… participate in local art classes?

In a foreign studio space, always managing to forget at least one vital supply ( how could I not have realized I was nearly out of cadmium red dark?!).

… participer à des cours d’art local?

Dans un studio étranger, j’oublie toujours au moins un stock vital (comment ne pas avoir réalisé que j’étais presque à court de rouge de cadmium?!).

Acrylic paintings on canvas
Acrylic paintings on canvas
Portrait of Ryan, acrylic on canvas.
Portrait of Ryan, acrylic on canvas.

… and join MeetUp communities filled with artists and kindred spirits who are open to learning and growing, outside of a traditional classroom environment? 

Well, primarily because I like to share and I enjoy learning from other artists like myself, as well as open hearted individuals.

There are many times when pursuing art can be a necessarily solitary endeavor, yet we still crave connection to our tribe, the people who may seem faceless, but we feel ‘know’ us in a way our family & friends can’t. 

To be able to compare experiences of materials and techniques. Tips on where to find supplies and also drool over coveted items. 

I’m lucky to live in good sized city with a thriving arts community but I still enjoy hearing those voices of comrades and seeing their work from far corners of the world.

So if you live near or far, have a simple question or just wanted to drop a simple :), I’d love to hear from you! 

#untrending by Vicki McLeod
#untrending by Vicki McLeod

P.S. I’d like to acknowledge the great encouragement contained in the bite sized book #UNTRENDING by Vicki McLeod.

I had the pleasure of meeting this lovely author, speaker and entrepreneur recently and I was delighted to hear that we shouldn’t feel that the Internet shouldn’t be viewed as a huge time-sucking, cotton-candy filled wasteland (although it could of you let it!)

It’s a guide to using social media to make connections that enrich or lives.


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