Women and words mixed media experiments

Words, hand lettering and script.  On my Pinterest page I have pinned a number of pieces of art that I find inspiring or have elements that I would love to experiment with. (Come on… admit it! We all have scads of pins that we’ve never tried to make). There are many with words, hand lettering, […]

profile picture

Profile Picture Challenge

I had a discussion with my friend Adam recently about the Inktober challenge I had done & also a challenge that he had posted on Facebook referring to the game of Being Seen. Part of what he was wanting to make people aware of with this challenge was that many people have the same (smiling/happy) profile picture […]

Inktober friend

Inktober part 4

Inktober part 4, the final round for 2016. Well I’m glad I made it to the end of Inktober, my latest online artistic challenge. But also glad that I restricted myself to 3 inch square drawings so as to not overwhelm myself. In reflection I think that I would do it & other similar challenges […]

Inktober big, Biggie Smalls

Inktober Part 3

On with the sketches from part 3 of my Inktober Challenge! Those of you who are just  joining in here is a link to a video created by Jake Parker, the artist who began Inktober in 2009. I have been keeping with the theme of small Post-It note sized drawings this week so that I […]

Inktober scared

Inktober part 2

Inktober part 2! The journey continues. My second installment of Inktober 2016! You can click for part 1, part 3 & part 4. If you’re feeling a little lost about what I’m talking about, this challenge was begun by Jake Parker. Or you can also refer to my previous post. After the first week I realized that if I […]

Inktober sad puppy

Inktober part 1

It’s Inktober! And one thing that I like to do when I have the luxury of time is to participate in online art challenges that I discovered through friends or online connections. You can click for part 2, part 3 & part 4.. One of these initiatives is Inktober which was begun by Jake Parker in 2009 as a […]

My original watercolour and ink sketch of the Cridge Centre.

From Urban Sketch to Note Cards & Mugs

A tribute in cards. I am honoured that some of my art was selected for a set of note cards and mugs. A fellow artist spotted my urban sketch of of the Cridge Centre as she browsing through my sketch book one day. She remarked on it because she is on the Board of Director’s […]

Selfie painting, chalk and charcoal, coloured pencil, toned tan, 9" x 12"

Self Portraits aka Selfies

This coming week in participating in a group art show at the Martin Bachelor Gallery which is themed Selfie.  Or  what they used to refer to back in the days of Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Kahlo  etc as self portraits. No, I’m not a Millenial narcissist as Psychology Today and this selfie article help explain the point of view. It […]

Dog portrait, watercolour on paper

Little Critter Dog Portrait

Drawing animals isn’t hard, right? Like a dog portrait. Unless you’ve been commissioned by a sentimental owner or a zoologist that can spot the variances in its anatomy!  😡 A year ago my boss at my regular day job asked me to do a painting of his dog who had passed away some time earlier. […]

The Orange Light of Dawn

I’m This week’s blog post is brought to you by the color, Orange. This morning everyone in our little part of the world woke up to strange orange light glowing from the sky. It felt like I was wearing aviators sunglasses or was somehow trapped in a sepia photograph. Here is a beautiful example captured […]

Sketches of women in pink and orange.

I sketched these lovely ladies for the Summer of Color blog party, week 2. The color prompts for this week are Pink + Pink + Orange. In my search for a subject that would reasonably translate to these colors I saw many works of girls and women with pink and orange peach skin, pink clothing […]