Poetry and Art Interpretation

I recently took part in a new creative challenge, taking inspiration from poetry and transforming it into a work of art.

Trying to manifest both the imagery that the poet may have intended and the visions that came to my own mind while reading their work.

This show at the Coast Collective Gallery was entitled “In Conversation III” https://www.coastcollective.ca/

Hypnotic Swing, chalk pastels
Hypnotic Swing, chalk pastels

Poppy Music by Cathy Ready

Can you hear the poppies?
Champagne Bubbles, Flamenco,
Party Fun, Matador
heads bobbing in the breeze
moving in unison to a choral rhythm
imprinted in yellow, rejoicing in
this short brilliant bloom of a life.
White, apricot petals spreading
perennially seeking homes
in the wind, on the fly
orange, pink, scarlet.
Illumination flowering
scattering down crags, nooks
on cliffs, in grasses
resilient through summer’s heat,
drying, fading into fall.
Cracked pods lingering on stalks
whispering lullabies to sleep winter nights
in seeds that awaken
come spring once again
in song.

The Squad, chalk pastels
The Squad, chalk pastels

Snow becomes rain by Cathy Ready

Nine coal black crows cavort
in a white landscape
late February as spacious
fresh flakes fill the sky.
Heads bob, companions groom
shuffle beside each other
along a tight rope of
a telephone line.
Two swoop down to land,
they huddle, then roll
legs up on the frosty field.
to cackle, then slide again
and again. A raspy caw above
the playful partners
gather to fly away.
In moments
snow becomes rain.
Green grass reveals
a patch of brilliant yellow crocuses.
Midwinter magic.

Changeabout, ink
Changeabout, ink

Shift change by Christine Terry

A crow waits on a snow covered branch,
the farm house,
a gate on slack hinges,
a red bicycle against the barn wait.
In stone-grey stillness
salt, pepper, the sugar bowl
on the table wait.
They all wait for night
to put on her backpack,
head down the valley, and for dawn
to arrive with a lunchpail of light.

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