Women and words mixed media experiments

Words, hand lettering and script. 

On my Pinterest page I have pinned a number of pieces of art that I find inspiring or have elements that I would love to experiment with. (Come on… admit it! We all have scads of pins that we’ve never tried to make). There are many with words, hand lettering, script, fonts and typography. I love the visual impact of large scale hand lettering and the mystery of incomplete words or faces.

Such as the works of Florian Nicolle aka Neo.

A few weeks ago I decided to make a couple of Secret Santa gifts, rather than purchase them. What better than to knock off some pinterest inspiration! 

Kayleigh. Mixed media portrait, charcoal, chalk, ink and paper. 8″ x 10″.

The text on Kayleigh’s face is an ink jet print of some vintage handwriting I found online. 

Daniela. Mixed media portrait, charcoal, chalk, ink and paper. 8″ x 10″.

For Daniela, I used a letter written by Shakespeare. 

After gaining confidence and hearing positive feedback on the first 2 smaller pieces, I drove into a larger canvas with some acrylics. 

Hannah. Mixed media portrait, acrylic and tissue on canvas. 25″ x 54″.

With this canvas being so much larger than my first 2 pieces, I wrote freehand, with watery black paint the lyrics of Blackbird by the Beatles.

The lovely faces for these portraits are from Julia Kay’s Portrait Party on flickr.

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