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I enjoyed the first semester so much that I’ve signed on for another semester of homework at Sketchbook Skool (and no, I haven’t forgotten how to spell).  This term is called “Seeing”.

The online school was founded by Danny Gregory based in the United States & Koosje Koene from the Netherlands so for fun anything normally spelt with a C gets a K to give it some “Dutch Flair”.

The structure of the sketching and journalling courses the teach is: 6 different teachers in 6 weeks. I find this a great way to try different techniques and mediums while getting to know different teaching styles. The sketchbook homework is also simple enough to be done in a portable sized book.

In the first semester called “Beginnings”, I learned from some wonderful and inspiring artists:

Sepia India ink and watercolour on watercolor paper.
First assignment from Danny Gregory, Learning to see: Toast
Assignment from Danny Gregory