It’s just a coat of paint, not a life partner

Terri-HealI was recently asked to write a short article for Seaside Magazine, a local publication. It could be any topic relating to design and paint, but it needed to be short.

With such a long leash where to begin? I found myself staring out the window at the increasingly dim weather as I pondered this. “Bingo! That’s my topic.” (Otherwise known as the evils of beige & grey)

On Design: It’s Just A Coat Of Paint, Not A Life Partner

– by Terri Heal, Pacific Paints –

Now that winter is here and we’re indoors most of the day, we start to look at our walls and realize that without the warm dappled light of the summer sun, they can look as dull as dishwater. We next think that painting would be a good idea – but don’t get a step ahead of yourself by thinking “I should paint the whole house!” Inundating ourselves with the thousands of choices in colours and products available can be emotionally paralysing and cause us to retreat to our safety net. You know the culprits: beige, grey, taupe or white. These colours are necessary and have their place, but allow yourself to try something to add a bit more variety.

We hear frequently that we need to paint a neutral palette to appeal to home buyers, but realistically will you be moving before you renew your mortgage?  I know they are also like comfort food but you wouldn’t want to eat the same grub at every meal for the next 5 years would you? No one expects your wall colour to last for generations and be treated as an heirloom. The colour of paint on the wall can simply be the spices and condiments that can let us reinterpret or harmonize our staple furnishings.

Begin by creating a ‘mood board’ of images that appeal, and include the permanent pieces in the room. You will notice a theme start to form or the opposite, a gap where the right colour can provide the connection between old and new. Then take a baby step first. Start with a project that is smaller such as one room or even a single wall (not the window wall – that’s cheating!). It will be much less daunting. Once you feel a bit of satisfaction with your new splash of colour you will have more confidence to proceed to the next space. When working on a small scale such as a feature wall it can allow you to add a little bit more life and sparkle by using a colour that is a little more vibrant without dominating the entire space.

Colours can also manipulate your perception of the proportions of a room ever so slightly by using a warmer or cooler tone, eg: a cooler choice like Grey Wisp can give the feeling of the surface being further away and a warm Sandy Brown would be a closer, more intimate feeling. You can then opt for the colour to be in your soft furnishings such as draperies and linens for small punches.

If you change your mind there are no nasty legal battles, just another little tin of colour.

For more information visit Pacific Paint Centre, 2065 Keating Cross Rd, Saanichton.

On Design: It’s Just A Coat Of Paint, Not A Life Partner

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